Thursday, July 17, 2014

Always in love with Elie Saab.

I found myself looking at fashion blogs today at work, and realized how I missed posting my own. So here I am, trying to start this blog back up! I'm really excited, and don't even know where to start. It's been over a year since I've posted last and there has been SO many awesome trends that have happened in that time. However, I'm still obsessed with Elie Saab, so I've decided that's where I'm going to start today. I was looking at the Elie Saab Pre-Fall 2014 show, and with all the cold weather I've been having, I thought this would be perfect (although I'm bummed I haven't had much of a summer). If you want to see the line, here is a link: Elie Saab Pre-Fall 2014

I've noticed a lot of jewel tones, with the greens and purples, and I'm absolutely in love. I'm used to Elie Saab having more pastel colors in his lines, which I have to admit, I'm usually always wearing black, and not into lace or girly details, BUT, Elie Saab's designs seem to be my one exception. This line does seem to be closer to my style of what I could see myself wearing on a daily basis, if only I had somewhere to go and dress up nice for!  Below is what I would have to say my favorite dresses are... I love the black, obviously, but the sheer detail is absolutely perfect. I'm obsessed. 

The cut lines on all of these garments are absolutely amazing, and really add depth to the looks. I can't say I'm surprised, since Elie Saab always has beautiful silhouettes, but he always manages to make me fall in love. 

What are your favorite looks? 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Spring is Coming

Pastels is always popular in the springtime. Everyone loves the light colors to remind them of the warm weather ahead. Pastels can be tied in great with lace and floral patterns. All these trends scream spring! Plus, I find that when I wear light pastel colors, it makes my pale skin look a bit tanner and not so pasty. With Spring Break coming up for me, I can't wait to get to Hilton Head Island and soak in the sun. I'm heading out shopping soon so that I can get all the perfect outfits to wear around!

Here's what I'll be looking for:

Floral dresses to wear out to a casual lunch
Anything with pastel colors
Hints of lace, but not overdoing it
A striped dress that can still flatter my figure

Here's some pictures!

Perfect example of pairing a bit of lace with a pastel color.

A great color dress with a floral pattern-
I'm going to search to find this dress somewhere!  Hopefully it's not hundreds of dollars.
This dress is so cute, it's playful and doesn't make the body look wider from the stripes.

Thursday, November 1, 2012


I haven't seen too much of this Oxblood color yet this fall, but I'm guessing I will start seeing more soon. Since November is in only a few days, and the weather is starting to get colder, people will start wearing darker colors. This is a great color to add to your wardrobe. It's beautiful and screams fall. This color is perfect to be paired with a lot of neutral colors. It’s nice that it can be matched with black or brown since these are colors often seen in fall.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Elie Saab

I have to admit I have a major obsession with Elie Saab. He is an amazing designer and I love every single dress he has ever designed. In his new lines it is nearly impossible for me to decide which dress is my favorite, I can hardly narrow it down to a top 5.
I first realized how much I loved Elie Saab's designs when Mila Kunis
wore his lavender colored dress. It was so beautiful
on Mila, and the color was so delicate and girly. It was perfect. 

These are my favorite looks from the Fall/Winter 2012-2013 RTW:

I think the execution of these dresses are all superb. I really love the shade of green in these dresses. There is a sense of cohesiveness in these dresses specifically, with the long dresses and belts, which I personally love. The color scheme of this entire line is also cohesive, the colors are all darker shades, including a lot of black, gray, and green.

These are my favorite looks from the Spring/Summer 2013 RTW:
This top 4 seriously took me about 45 minutes to pick. I loved so many of the dresses in the Spring/Summer 2013 RTW. This line has a lot of neutral colors, which I love, but also has dresses with color. In the rest of the line there is bright reds, and different shades of blue that all look beautiful and radiant. The detail in these dresses is incredible, and makes me love Elie Saab even more than before.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fall is Approaching!

I personally love dressing for the fall weather. I love being able to wear my boots everyday. If I'm feeling lazy, a baggy sweater is a great way to be comfortable yet fashionable. I have a pair of black pants, or even black leggings that I love to pair with these sweaters. Another trend that I'm noticing is printed leggings. These would also work great with a neutral colored sweater. I have looked at a few stores websites to help you guys find sweaters for the fall!
Sydney Knit from Nasty Gal
Shredded Knit from Nasty Gal
Rubbish® Mesh Knit Sweater Tunic (Juniors)
Rubbish ® Mesh Knit Sweater Tunic from Nordstrom

Rubbish® Sheer Stripe Sweater (Juniors)
Rubbish ® Sheer Stripe Sweater from Nordstrom

Thursday, September 6, 2012

How to Wear: Business-Casual

In one of my classes I'm required to wear business-casual clothing several times this semester. I think for some, including me, it is kind of hard to tell what the difference is. In my opinion, I believe there isn't too much of a difference, for girls at least. For guys it's simple, just wear some nice pants, maybe khakis, and a button down shirt compared to a usual suit that is business-professional.

Now here is the difference for women: you don't need the blazer or heels. Flats will look just as good with either dress pants or a pencil skirt. I personally prefer pencil skirts and just got my first pair of black dress pants the other day, knowing I'll be needing them more often than I used too. Be sure to wear a dressy top. This could include a sleeveless shirt with a cute pattern, or maybe even ruffles. You could also wear a cap sleeved top, or a long sleeve if it's cold. It's nice to not have to wear the added blazer if you're not a huge fan of dressing up.


If you're feeling colorful, this is a great option
for business casual for business casual. The flats
are a great choice. If you're not into color,
you could substitute either the cardigan or skirt
for a more neutral color. 


-->The look to the left is perfect for business casual. It has a perfect amount of color and the gray and green compliment each other nicely


The look to the right is great if you're
wearing dress pants. The top 
is sophisticated and since the colors are neutral it looks great together.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Asymmetrical dresses and skirts are a huge trend going on right now. I personally don't have either a dress or skirt that is asymmetrical, but it's on the top of my shopping list! In fact, making this blog post will probably persuade me just enough to go out and buy one today. I think this is a perfect option for summer. It keeps you cool because it is sheer and short in the front, so their is plenty of air movement, but also it's classy! This asymmetrical skirt is perfect to wear to a nice dinner, and you can pair it with a cute pair of heels and some cute accessories to tie the whole outfit together. 

This look can go different ways, with short in the front and long in the back (my personal favorite), or short on one side and long on the other. The different shapes of these dresses or skirts really add a lot of texture to the outfit. It is more than a plain skirt, and works in any color.

The black dress above is a perfect dress to wear out to a dinner date. The black color is great for nighttime, and the cut is perfect for showing a bit of leg. If I ever had a fancy dinner party or somewhere to wear this purple dress above, it would be my first choice. The color is beautiful, and the cut also shows off some leg, but not too much. The pink dress above is a perfect example of adding some detail to a dress. The longer back adds a lot of creativity to the entire look.