Thursday, November 1, 2012


I haven't seen too much of this Oxblood color yet this fall, but I'm guessing I will start seeing more soon. Since November is in only a few days, and the weather is starting to get colder, people will start wearing darker colors. This is a great color to add to your wardrobe. It's beautiful and screams fall. This color is perfect to be paired with a lot of neutral colors. It’s nice that it can be matched with black or brown since these are colors often seen in fall.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Elie Saab

I have to admit I have a major obsession with Elie Saab. He is an amazing designer and I love every single dress he has ever designed. In his new lines it is nearly impossible for me to decide which dress is my favorite, I can hardly narrow it down to a top 5.
I first realized how much I loved Elie Saab's designs when Mila Kunis
wore his lavender colored dress. It was so beautiful
on Mila, and the color was so delicate and girly. It was perfect. 

These are my favorite looks from the Fall/Winter 2012-2013 RTW:

I think the execution of these dresses are all superb. I really love the shade of green in these dresses. There is a sense of cohesiveness in these dresses specifically, with the long dresses and belts, which I personally love. The color scheme of this entire line is also cohesive, the colors are all darker shades, including a lot of black, gray, and green.

These are my favorite looks from the Spring/Summer 2013 RTW:
This top 4 seriously took me about 45 minutes to pick. I loved so many of the dresses in the Spring/Summer 2013 RTW. This line has a lot of neutral colors, which I love, but also has dresses with color. In the rest of the line there is bright reds, and different shades of blue that all look beautiful and radiant. The detail in these dresses is incredible, and makes me love Elie Saab even more than before.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fall is Approaching!

I personally love dressing for the fall weather. I love being able to wear my boots everyday. If I'm feeling lazy, a baggy sweater is a great way to be comfortable yet fashionable. I have a pair of black pants, or even black leggings that I love to pair with these sweaters. Another trend that I'm noticing is printed leggings. These would also work great with a neutral colored sweater. I have looked at a few stores websites to help you guys find sweaters for the fall!
Sydney Knit from Nasty Gal
Shredded Knit from Nasty Gal
Rubbish® Mesh Knit Sweater Tunic (Juniors)
Rubbish ® Mesh Knit Sweater Tunic from Nordstrom

Rubbish® Sheer Stripe Sweater (Juniors)
Rubbish ® Sheer Stripe Sweater from Nordstrom

Thursday, September 6, 2012

How to Wear: Business-Casual

In one of my classes I'm required to wear business-casual clothing several times this semester. I think for some, including me, it is kind of hard to tell what the difference is. In my opinion, I believe there isn't too much of a difference, for girls at least. For guys it's simple, just wear some nice pants, maybe khakis, and a button down shirt compared to a usual suit that is business-professional.

Now here is the difference for women: you don't need the blazer or heels. Flats will look just as good with either dress pants or a pencil skirt. I personally prefer pencil skirts and just got my first pair of black dress pants the other day, knowing I'll be needing them more often than I used too. Be sure to wear a dressy top. This could include a sleeveless shirt with a cute pattern, or maybe even ruffles. You could also wear a cap sleeved top, or a long sleeve if it's cold. It's nice to not have to wear the added blazer if you're not a huge fan of dressing up.


If you're feeling colorful, this is a great option
for business casual for business casual. The flats
are a great choice. If you're not into color,
you could substitute either the cardigan or skirt
for a more neutral color. 


-->The look to the left is perfect for business casual. It has a perfect amount of color and the gray and green compliment each other nicely


The look to the right is great if you're
wearing dress pants. The top 
is sophisticated and since the colors are neutral it looks great together.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Asymmetrical dresses and skirts are a huge trend going on right now. I personally don't have either a dress or skirt that is asymmetrical, but it's on the top of my shopping list! In fact, making this blog post will probably persuade me just enough to go out and buy one today. I think this is a perfect option for summer. It keeps you cool because it is sheer and short in the front, so their is plenty of air movement, but also it's classy! This asymmetrical skirt is perfect to wear to a nice dinner, and you can pair it with a cute pair of heels and some cute accessories to tie the whole outfit together. 

This look can go different ways, with short in the front and long in the back (my personal favorite), or short on one side and long on the other. The different shapes of these dresses or skirts really add a lot of texture to the outfit. It is more than a plain skirt, and works in any color.

The black dress above is a perfect dress to wear out to a dinner date. The black color is great for nighttime, and the cut is perfect for showing a bit of leg. If I ever had a fancy dinner party or somewhere to wear this purple dress above, it would be my first choice. The color is beautiful, and the cut also shows off some leg, but not too much. The pink dress above is a perfect example of adding some detail to a dress. The longer back adds a lot of creativity to the entire look. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

How To Wear: Prints

Everyone loves a bold print to spice up an outfit. However, it's pretty easy to over do it on the prints. I have a few tips on how to wear prints so that you'll look stylish.

First of all, you can wear any print with a neutral. For example, a large bold printed top would look great with either jeans or colored pants (which are also in right now). This is a perfect balance and it guaranteed to look great with any print. You may want to watch the patterns though. If you're legs aren't as slim as you'd like, avoid wearing printed pants. There is a strong chance that this print will widen your legs and won't be very flattering to the body. Same goes for the shirt, if you're top heavy, then you'd likely look better with patterned pants. A smart paring to a printed shirt would be black pants, and vice versa with a black shirt and printed pants. Black is a very slimming color and will help pull the look together.

If you're planning on mixing prints, this is where it starts to get tough. To start off, can pretty much always to polka dots and stripes; they work together. I recommend paring a large striped piece with something with a smaller print, that way the two prints don't clash. Floral patterns are also great to wear; you could mix these with either polka dots or stripes to create a stylish outfit. If you have a strong pattern, it's best to mix it with a smaller, complimentary pattern. You can also wear different styles of one pattern-like small polka dots paired with large polka dots. Don't forget another easy way to pair prints is with accessories!
This look is a perfect example of an accessory being
paired with clothing-the cheetah print and stripes
 go great together!

You can also mix prints when it comes to interior design. Mixing prints is a great way to add contrast to a room without adding different colors. There is multiple different ways to do this, but with mostly the same rules as with clothing. You could have a large bold pattern on your couch, and pair it will curtains that have a different pattern to have a great contrast and a beautiful room. This picture to the right shows how much variety you can add to your room just by having different patterns in a matching color scheme (pillows are an easy way to add patterns to a room if you're not feeling bold enough to do bigger pieces).

Blake Lively: Savages

I don't think there is one woman who is not jealous of Blake Lively. She has gorgeous long blonde hair and a slender, tall body. I have always admired Blake's style, and I swear she can pull off almost anything. Although Blake is mostly known for her role of "Serena" in Gossip Girl,  she is now staring in the movie Savages. Although I have not seen this movie yet, I do intend on seeing it. It looks like a great movie and I've heard great reviews. So of course, Blake has been promoting this movie, and looks great while she does it. 

From left to right: appearance on Good Morning America, appearance on Charlie Rose Show,
 at a photo call in NYC, and at the  New York Premiere
This red suit looks stunning on Blake. Red is not an easy color to pull off, but she does it. The black shoes and tank underneath are paired great with this outfit, and I don't think the outfit would look as stunning with a substitute color (such as white). However, I don't recommend this outfit to others, chances are, you won't pull it off like Blake does. The second look may be my favorite. I love this dress; its the perfect length and a great pattern. The shoes are a great choice, the pop of pink really pulls the dress and shoes together. Also, Blake does a great job accessorizing to make this whole look flawless. The third look is classier than the others in my opinion. This seems like a change from her usual outfits choices, which would show her curves or cleavage, but it's a nice look and she pulls it off well. The last look is absolutely stunning. Yellow, like red, is another color that is hard to wear, but Blake wears it beautifully. The turquoise earrings are a great touch that most people wouldn't choose to pair with yellow. 
Blake Lively at LA Premiere 
Blake has the perfect body for this dress in the above picture. This dress is gorgeous in general with the black beading against the tan, and Blake wears it beautifully. This dress hugs her body and shows off her curves flawlessly. I think the red lipstick really works with this dress because it adds a pop of color to the overall look.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How To Wear: Sheer Blouses

Sheer blouses are being worn a lot by women, however it is extremely easy to make this look either cheap or sleazy. I have a few tips on what you should wear underneath these sheer blouses!

First of all, you can always wear a tank top under these blouses; it is modest but still fashionable. Pick a tank top color that works well with the sheer blouse. For example, don't pair a black sheer top with a white tank top, these are too much contrast, and the white coming through won't look as good as a black tank top would look. 

You can also just wear a bra underneath, but you must make it look intentional. I suggest wearing a darker colored bra, and definitely not a nude colored bra. Even in cream colored blouses, a dark bra would look best, it's sexy but not sleazy. If you choose to wear something brightly colored underneath a shear top, I suggest wearing a bandeau. If you chose a bright color bra, you would be bringing attention to your bra (and what's underneath your bra), and not the overall look of the blouse. If you go with a brightly colored bandeau instead, then there won't be as much cleavage to distract from the blouse. 

For example, this blouse would not look as classy and pulled together if there
 was a nude colored bra worn underneath, or even a brightly colored bra. This look is best
 with the black bra underneath.
This blouse looks great with the black underneath. This is a perfect example of a blouse
that a nude bra underneath would not compliment the look at all. This black bra is a perfect

 choice, and even adds a bit of style with the different backing of the bra. 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

What To Wear: Summer Weddings

Since I'm attending quite a few weddings this summer, I thought it would be a good idea to write a blog post helping people decide what to wear to weddings. 

First of all, don't wear white! Although some people are starting to warm up to the idea of wedding guests wearing white, I strongly believe you should NEVER do this. It's not your day, and you don't want to seem like you're competing with the bride. Surely, you can find another dress to wear in a different color! You can definitely wear lighter colors, like light pink or peach for example, but stay away from cream, white, and ivory. 

It's summer, so embrace the fact that bright colors look great in the summer! It's a happy and beautiful occasion, what better way to show appreciation than wearing a bright color! To me, the idea of a woman wearing black to a wedding doesn't seem like they're too happy. Leave black for the funerals, this is a beautiful time in the bride and grooms life, and black just seems like too depressing of a color. 

When it comes to shoes, I think you can go with either heels or a cute pair of flat sandals. If you're worried about your feet hurting in heels, and don't like the idea of going barefoot on the dance floor, be sure to bring a pair of flat shoes. However, most women usually go barefoot by the end of the night to keep their feet from killing the next day, so don't be afraid to let loose without shoes!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Minty Fresh

Mint is a color trend that has been seen a lot this summer. It is a beautiful color and can look good on any skin tone. I've seen this minty color in both a green and a blue tone, but I love them both. You can't go wrong with adding a little bit of mint into your closet. Pastels are always a great color to wear, especially in the summer. This mint color is girly and chic, and can be paired with almost anything. 

As seen above, you can see that this color can be paired with almost anything, all of these pictures feature different shoes, that all work well with mint. Also, this color does go great with anything from a comfy gray sweater to a edgy black leather jacket. 

       Another great way to add mint into your wardrobe would be accessories. This color would be great to wear as jewelry, purses, shoes, or nail polish. Accessories is an easy way to incorporate this color into your outfit, without overdoing it. Also, if you're not comfortable wearing such a large portion of this color, this is an easy way to add a touch of mint without being as bold. 

This color also looks great in homes, and really adds a beautiful touch to any room. The picture above shows a chic room that I personally would love to have in my house. This mint really gives the room a soft, feminine feel, without being too much. If this room had substituted pink for this mint color, the feeling you would get when walking into this room would be completely different, and not as soothing.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is known for a few acting roles, and for singing, as I'm sure you already know, but I've noticed that she is quite trendy also. Although she may not always look like she's trying, she can pull off almost any look. 

This look, for example, doesn't show Miley trying to be fashionable at all. However, she pulls this look off better than most people could. Not everyone looks good in leather leggings, but Miley knows how to pull the entire look together to make her self a fashionista. This Iron Maiden shirt helps make this look edgy, which is fitting for Miley's style. Miley adds cute flats that match this outfit and her style perfectly. This is a comfortable outfit that anyone should be willing to try, however, if you're not comfortable with leather leggings, this look would look just as cute with black pants or black cotton leggings. 

Another look that we often see Miley wearing is high waisted shorts, and I must say, she is always looking great in them. Miley has a slender body with long legs, and these high waisted shorts really help to show off her figure. The accessories and shirts that Miley pairs with her high waisted shorts continue to show her style, and her edginess. She knows how to match her outfit so that it has the perfect amount of attitude. The aviator sunglasses go perfectly with Miley's style, and her hair is always fitting for her outfits, and adds a natural vibe (of not trying too hard) to her look. Also, Miley looks great in black and she makes a good decision to wear this color all the time, making this her signature look. 

Monday, July 2, 2012

The Neon Trend

Whether it's just a pop, or an entire outfit, I'm starting to see neon more and more. I personally love this trend, but I do believe that sometimes it can be a little much. To me, this trend is much better if there is just a pop of neon, that way you are not overwhelmed. There are different ways you can add a bit of neon into your look, both in what you're wearing, and in your home.  

Accessories are a great way to add just a pop of neon into your outfit. If you're not interested in going all out, things such as belts, purses, jewelry, or even just nail polish color. This neon choice can be very tasteful, but it's also easy to over do it. Don't try to wear so much neon that you look like you're going to a rave, it won't suit you well in public. 

Jewelry-                                                                                                                         Nail Polish-

In the home:
There has been a strong influence of neon decor in homes recently. I love the pops of color that can be brought into a room. These colors really brighten up the whole room, and give it more personality. Although the thought of this bright of colors in a room might frighten a lot of people, such as those who stick to neutral colors, it is easy to bring small neon accessories into a room, which will make a huge difference in the feeling of the room. This is easy enough that you can add a neon vase or other small accessories, such as pillows or lamp shades, and the whole room will change before your eyes. I think a great way to add neon is painting the door a bright color (which you can see below). This idea is simple and cheap, but looks great. Painting furniture and doors is as easy as buying a bucket of paint, but will change the entire look of a room. 
Decor-                                                                                                                                      Doors-