Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Celebrities With Colored Hair

There seems to be a trend going on in Hollywood with celebrities dying their hair different colors of the rainbow. Although most people would look stupid with their hair colored red, blue, pink, or gray-here are some celebrities that tried it out. 


 Personally, I prefer the picture on the left with Katy's hair choice of blue. It doesn't seem
as obnoxious as the picture on the right. I like how the color is more muted, yet still helps to show Katy Perry's fun and happy personality perfectly. Not many people can pull off blue hair, but if anyone could, it would be Katy Perry. 

Red is a perfect color to fit superstar's Rihanna's 
image.It's fiery and seductive, which if you listen
to Rihanna's music, you'll know these are two 
perfect words to describe her. Although not everyone
can pull off this bright of a red hair color, Rihanna 
is rocking it. 


Rachel's pink hair is the exact color I would choose 
for her. The color looks flirty and cute, which is exactly
how I picture her. It also seems like a very romantic choice 
since the pink is so light. This fits into the roles she plays 
in Hollywood movies. Another perfect color choice fitting
a celebrity's personality. Rachel manages to look tasteful
with just having sections of her hair highlighted pink.  

I have mixed feelings about this choice of hair color. 
Aren't women supposed to get rid of gray hairs? This look definitely ages Kelly, who is really a beautiful young lady. This color adds so much age onto Kelly's entire look, it makes her face look older while her eyes look tired, and this in no way is flattering. However, I do believe that the gray with more of a purple tint does look much better than the gray color only. The purple tint does help Kelly's look so that she looks more her age.