Thursday, September 6, 2012

How to Wear: Business-Casual

In one of my classes I'm required to wear business-casual clothing several times this semester. I think for some, including me, it is kind of hard to tell what the difference is. In my opinion, I believe there isn't too much of a difference, for girls at least. For guys it's simple, just wear some nice pants, maybe khakis, and a button down shirt compared to a usual suit that is business-professional.

Now here is the difference for women: you don't need the blazer or heels. Flats will look just as good with either dress pants or a pencil skirt. I personally prefer pencil skirts and just got my first pair of black dress pants the other day, knowing I'll be needing them more often than I used too. Be sure to wear a dressy top. This could include a sleeveless shirt with a cute pattern, or maybe even ruffles. You could also wear a cap sleeved top, or a long sleeve if it's cold. It's nice to not have to wear the added blazer if you're not a huge fan of dressing up.


If you're feeling colorful, this is a great option
for business casual for business casual. The flats
are a great choice. If you're not into color,
you could substitute either the cardigan or skirt
for a more neutral color. 


-->The look to the left is perfect for business casual. It has a perfect amount of color and the gray and green compliment each other nicely


The look to the right is great if you're
wearing dress pants. The top 
is sophisticated and since the colors are neutral it looks great together.

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