Monday, July 23, 2012

How To Wear: Prints

Everyone loves a bold print to spice up an outfit. However, it's pretty easy to over do it on the prints. I have a few tips on how to wear prints so that you'll look stylish.

First of all, you can wear any print with a neutral. For example, a large bold printed top would look great with either jeans or colored pants (which are also in right now). This is a perfect balance and it guaranteed to look great with any print. You may want to watch the patterns though. If you're legs aren't as slim as you'd like, avoid wearing printed pants. There is a strong chance that this print will widen your legs and won't be very flattering to the body. Same goes for the shirt, if you're top heavy, then you'd likely look better with patterned pants. A smart paring to a printed shirt would be black pants, and vice versa with a black shirt and printed pants. Black is a very slimming color and will help pull the look together.

If you're planning on mixing prints, this is where it starts to get tough. To start off, can pretty much always to polka dots and stripes; they work together. I recommend paring a large striped piece with something with a smaller print, that way the two prints don't clash. Floral patterns are also great to wear; you could mix these with either polka dots or stripes to create a stylish outfit. If you have a strong pattern, it's best to mix it with a smaller, complimentary pattern. You can also wear different styles of one pattern-like small polka dots paired with large polka dots. Don't forget another easy way to pair prints is with accessories!
This look is a perfect example of an accessory being
paired with clothing-the cheetah print and stripes
 go great together!

You can also mix prints when it comes to interior design. Mixing prints is a great way to add contrast to a room without adding different colors. There is multiple different ways to do this, but with mostly the same rules as with clothing. You could have a large bold pattern on your couch, and pair it will curtains that have a different pattern to have a great contrast and a beautiful room. This picture to the right shows how much variety you can add to your room just by having different patterns in a matching color scheme (pillows are an easy way to add patterns to a room if you're not feeling bold enough to do bigger pieces).

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