Monday, July 2, 2012

The Neon Trend

Whether it's just a pop, or an entire outfit, I'm starting to see neon more and more. I personally love this trend, but I do believe that sometimes it can be a little much. To me, this trend is much better if there is just a pop of neon, that way you are not overwhelmed. There are different ways you can add a bit of neon into your look, both in what you're wearing, and in your home.  

Accessories are a great way to add just a pop of neon into your outfit. If you're not interested in going all out, things such as belts, purses, jewelry, or even just nail polish color. This neon choice can be very tasteful, but it's also easy to over do it. Don't try to wear so much neon that you look like you're going to a rave, it won't suit you well in public. 

Jewelry-                                                                                                                         Nail Polish-

In the home:
There has been a strong influence of neon decor in homes recently. I love the pops of color that can be brought into a room. These colors really brighten up the whole room, and give it more personality. Although the thought of this bright of colors in a room might frighten a lot of people, such as those who stick to neutral colors, it is easy to bring small neon accessories into a room, which will make a huge difference in the feeling of the room. This is easy enough that you can add a neon vase or other small accessories, such as pillows or lamp shades, and the whole room will change before your eyes. I think a great way to add neon is painting the door a bright color (which you can see below). This idea is simple and cheap, but looks great. Painting furniture and doors is as easy as buying a bucket of paint, but will change the entire look of a room. 
Decor-                                                                                                                                      Doors-


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