Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How To Wear: Sheer Blouses

Sheer blouses are being worn a lot by women, however it is extremely easy to make this look either cheap or sleazy. I have a few tips on what you should wear underneath these sheer blouses!

First of all, you can always wear a tank top under these blouses; it is modest but still fashionable. Pick a tank top color that works well with the sheer blouse. For example, don't pair a black sheer top with a white tank top, these are too much contrast, and the white coming through won't look as good as a black tank top would look. 

You can also just wear a bra underneath, but you must make it look intentional. I suggest wearing a darker colored bra, and definitely not a nude colored bra. Even in cream colored blouses, a dark bra would look best, it's sexy but not sleazy. If you choose to wear something brightly colored underneath a shear top, I suggest wearing a bandeau. If you chose a bright color bra, you would be bringing attention to your bra (and what's underneath your bra), and not the overall look of the blouse. If you go with a brightly colored bandeau instead, then there won't be as much cleavage to distract from the blouse. 

For example, this blouse would not look as classy and pulled together if there
 was a nude colored bra worn underneath, or even a brightly colored bra. This look is best
 with the black bra underneath.
This blouse looks great with the black underneath. This is a perfect example of a blouse
that a nude bra underneath would not compliment the look at all. This black bra is a perfect

 choice, and even adds a bit of style with the different backing of the bra. 

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